Re: New strings in GDM

┼smund SkjŠveland menulis:
>>  "A-M|English (Canadian)"
>>  "N-Z|Serbian (Latin)"
>>  "N-Z|Serbian (Jekavian)"
>>Translators, please update your translations.
> What is "jekavian"?
I always have problem translating language name
some language name has malay translation, but the rest don't.

we have "Jerman" for "German" , "Belanda" for "Dutch"
may be beacuse of old history, or old relationship, that term existed.
but for Ukranian, Latvian, Jekavian etc, there is no Malay Translation 
for it.
Maybe other language have the same problem.
How do you guy translate "Malay"?

I'm thingking of a solution that might help every language that doesnt 
has complete list of Language name.

Language name in english normally have *an, *ian, *ish etc.
normally, language name derive from Race/ethic  or country or region.
Can we can a list of how the *an, *ian, *ish came from?
Jekavian is from Jekav or Jekavi ?

Hasbullah Bin Pit (sebol)

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