Re: is outdated

fre 2004-02-13 klockan 13.49 skrev Zygimantas Berucka:
> Today I visited and pressed on "GNOME: The Global Desktop"
> picture. Then I saw an outdated information. Lithuanian is between
> unsupported languages when we have 99,08% of Gnome 2.4 translated.
> Haven't checked the other languages though. Please update the page with
> real information. This page is accessible directly from front page so it
> has the right to be maintained. ;-)

Absolutely, but keeping that page uptodate is major work. Also, GNOME
2.6 will be released soon, and then we need to update that page again,
this time with 2.6 stats.

Are you volunteering to update it? Help is welcome. :)


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