Re: Status pages broken

Op zo 15-02-2004, om 22:53 schreef Carlos Perelló Marín:
> El sáb, 14-02-2004 a las 12:33, Christian Rose escribió:
> > It seems the status pages are entirely broken;
> > It's unfortunate since we need working status pages now more than ever.
> > Carlos, do you know what's wrong?

> Sorry, I had a problem with my HD and this weekend I was out of the
> town. It's fixed now and I'm just executing a stats update. They should
> be available in about 4 hours.

Great, the numbers are back again.

On the upside:
One can use the downtime to see how much we've come to depend on this
great service you offer us.

you know: Calculate the average number of translation commits on an
upday, compare it to the average number of translation commits on a day
during the downtime.

I guess that will show our appreciation of the status pages in cold hard

Tino Meinen

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