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El vie, 06-02-2004 a las 21:14, jose antonio s.a. escribió:
> Hello:


>  I've translated several gnome package (gnome-1.4 printer_applet, 
> clock...), sodipodi and others. 
> We are a non-lucrative asociation with financial support and our
> target is to translate as soon as possible gnome-2.4 (and gnome-2.6
> later) to Galician
>  This is our absolutely prioritary branch:
>         desktop 
>         gnome-2.4
> Later:  
>         - office
>         - extras
> Where/whom  could i sent translated packages?

I think you should start with GNOME 2.6, it will be out in about one or
two months and GNOME 2.4 will not have new releases (perhaps small ones
to fix bugs but your work could be wasted without sense because you
don't know if they will be released).

Jesus Bravo Alvarez is the contact we have as the Galician coordinator
(, please talk with
Jesus and work together.


> Thank you
> Jose Antonio Salgueiro
Carlos Perelló Marín
Debian GNU/Linux Sid (PowerPC)
Linux Registered User #121232 ||
Valencia - Spain

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