Re: How to do the language code switch for Norwegian Bokmål: no -> nb

man, 23,.08.2004 kl. 13.42 +0200, skrev Ãsmund SkjÃveland:
> > Some within the Norwegian translation teams are now arguing that it's 
> > time for GNOME to use 'nb' as the language code for Norwegian BokmÃl 
> > rather than the obsolete 'no'. KDE has long since switched, and libc now 
> It appears to be silently underway; A new 'nb' team has appeared and
> is growing rapidly, presumably from copying 'no' translations.
Yes, I've been doing this the last couple of weeks now. I think it's
fairly complete wrt the developer libs and the core desktop now, but I
haven't checked anything myself yet, and neither have I done any changes
to make nb_NO the default locale in gdm etc.

We'll get there eventually :-)


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