gtranslator 1.0 released

Not sure why it wasn't sent here as well, so here's the release

In these cold days in good old Europe,

 we've got a fine piece of software for you translators of gettext
files: gtranslator, surely one of the most enhanced and best gettext po
files editors for GNOME/X is out in the new release 1.0 named "Heat

With this release 1.0 gtranslator is now fully adopted to the GNOME 2.x
environment and the port to GNOME 2.x has been finished, almost all
important or major bugs are solved now and the application has reached a
good point and should be used by any translator at least to test it, it
has got the messages table for easy message navigation, plural forms
handling, UTF-8 problem-less(TM) handling and also handling for all the
other nice charsets and is free of the normally awaited crash cases, so
you can surely use it for your everyday translation including learn
buffer feature (automatic translations) and much much more. The more
exact NEWS file can be viewed below - updating from
previous releases is _majorly_ recommended and almost commanded ;-)

There are already Debian unstable and the official tarball available via (your base for gtranslator information,
downloads or linkage; direct download link for tarball:
{1.26 MB}) or our mirroring download site on via - Debian users
should also look at the Debian way of installing gtranslator on -> Debian packages. By the hours, the RPM
package will surely also join the download queue.

Have fun while using it and don't hesitate to use for reproting bugs, problems, inconsistent
points of the application. 'til the next release, fine night/day
depending on your time zone :-)

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