Re: The GNOME I18N Guide

tis 2003-10-14 klockan 06.33 skrev Priit Laes:
> I read this document
> and found a paragraph that needs modification or removeing. It's titled
> "Don't use anything besides ASCII in messages" I remember that we are
> using Unicode for now on.
> Thanks in advance :)

Thanks, I'll review that section later.

Still, I don't think we should really encourage the use of UTF-8 in
msgid:s yet. Very few English messages should need anything besides what
ASCII provides, and using UTF-8 in msgids require the newest versions of
intltool and GNU gettext, and break translations on all other platforms.
And I don't know one single stable distribution version that ships with
such a new intltool/GNU gettext combo yet. Thus, I don't think it's
worth it yet.


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