Re: String freeze break in libgnomeprintui (gnome-2-4)

fre 2003-11-21 klockan 04.31 skrev Danilo Segan:
> Even though it seems there was some care taken not to break the string
> freeze for Gnome 2.4, it still happened with one new message:
> #: libgnomeprintui/gpaui/gpa-transport-selector.c:228
> msgid "Please specify the location and filename of the output file:"
> The following commit by "guelzow" seems to be quilty as charged:

Andreas, could we please have this string freeze break reverted on the
string frozen gnome-2-4 branch?

Danilo: Lots of thanks for noting and reporting this, but please cc:
both the committer and the release team on all freeze break occasions
like this.

(who was away all weekend)

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