Re: Rhythmbox branching

Am Di, den 11.11.2003 schrieb Colin Walters um 22:38:
> Rhythmbox has now branched in both arch and CVS.
> The new arch branch name is just rhythmbox--mainline--0.7.  It isn't at
> present too different from 0.6, except it requires GStreamer 0.7 and
> gets rid of the Loading dialog in favor of using the progress bar in the
> statusbar.
> The CVS branch name for the arch --0.6 branch is RHYTHMBOX-0_6 (heads
> up, translators).  HEAD will map to the arch --0.7 branch. 
> I think I have this all set up, but please let me know if something
> looks wrong in the trees.
Do you think we should translate HEAD or rather the branch? IMHO it's a
bit early to do HEAD translations, right? If so, we may probably want to
feed our status pages.


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