Gnome-games: status

I know I've been making a bit of noise here recently, but here is the
current status of gnome-games and its i18n issues.

I've rewritten the section of aisleriot that generates the card names and
there are now separate strings for all 54 cards (with "the" prepended in
the hope that this provides the best outcome for the largest number of

As far as the other issues, like the "move %s onto %s", the best
solution I can think of is to draw a big arrow on the screen from card a
to card b and have it fade after a few seconds, hence removing any
language difficulties. I'm probably not going to implement that in the
near future though.

The ngettext issues have been resolved for gnome-games by using it if it
is available and making a best guess for those systems where it isn't.
This won't be a regression for anyone, but it will be an enhancement for
some people.

 - Callum

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