Re: New team for georgian

mån 2003-05-19 klockan 07.28 skrev Alexander Gavtadze:
> Hello,
> I would like to start a team for a Georgian language gnome. Please add 
> Sandro Gavtadze to the contact person for Georgian.

Hi and thanks for your interest! Support for Georgian (ka) in GNOME is
most welcome. I've added the details above to the teams page now.

> Temporary page:

I couldn't find any translation-related information on, so I decided to not include that link for now. We
can always add a link later. Just let me know.

Also, a requirement for all GNOME translators, and especially team
coordinators, is to be subscribed to this mailing list
(, so that we can reach everyone and make sure they
get information. It seems that you aren't subscribed, at least not with
the address mentioned above. If you aren't subscribed, please subscribe
as soon as possible. You can do that at the page.

I'll send a mail in private to you with a request for bugzilla details.
Please reply to that mail as soon as possible.

Thanks, and welcome,

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