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Thanks Christian and  Carlos!
Should I just commit again the fixed files?? (But I want to know how can restore the old version from CVS?)
Carlos can you tell me, what should I do mn.po of gedit? It contains 19 entry more.


El mar, 06 de 05 de 2003 a las 10:42, Christian Rose escribió:
> tis 2003-05-06 klockan 10.02 skrev Sanlig Badral:
> > Hi, All.
> > I've shocked. http://developer.gnome.org/projects/gtp/status/gnome-2.2/top.html
> > are NOT a bit strange big strange. 
> > I've updated at the last time the mongolian gnome-control-center, eog, libgnome. Now, These seem very angry. gnome-conrol-center was updated OK, but eog and gnomelibs has fuzzied fully. Can you restore these  files (libgnome,eog)? (I've only 1,2 spelling checked)
> Carlos, do you know what's wrong?

It's not a status problem.

The problem is that the mongolian team has uploaded a libgnomeui .po
file into the libgnome module.


> Christian
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