Re: Upcomming nautilus release

On 25 Mar 2003, Christian Rose wrote:

> tis 2003-03-25 klockan 19.38 skrev Alexander Larsson:
> > We will soon do a nautilus 2.2.x release, and then branch for 2.3.x 
> > development. I'm not sure exactly when the release will be, but it won't 
> > happen in less than two days. There has been a few small (previously 
> > announced) string changes since the last release, so if you haven't 
> > updated nautilus translations yet now is your chance. There won't be any 
> > more string changes for gnome 2.2.
> Thanks for the heads-up, Alex.
> Translators, this is the current translation statistics for nautilus, as
> per "intltool-update --report":

It looks like the release will be on monday, so there is still time to do 
the last translation fixes in the weekend.

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