RE: [Usability] Re: [Fwd: Re: Your final comments on gswitchit in2.4...]

tis 2003-06-24 klockan 14.27 skrev
> I really miss the old Mac system which used an extra key press to get a
> specific accent. I think it was option-something and then the character. The
> option-something would give you
> accents/umlaut/other-strange-things-on-top-of-characters. I can't remember
> how it dealt with , but I'm sure I never switched my entire keyboard layout
> just to type a funny character. And I regularly typed almost every european
> language that there is.

Well, the needs are slightly different if you need to type in large
amounts of foreign-language text, which was the case when I decided to
temporarily switch layouts. Then it's of course very convenient to just
have all the characters one keypress away, instead of having to compose
them with two keypresses or more. But otherwise I agree.


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