Re: gnome-themes

tis 2003-01-21 klockan 03.00 skrev Andraz Tori:
> I am having a problem trying to translate gnome-themes...
> The problem is that i checkout the gnome-themes module from cvs, but
> when i go to the po directory and start intltool-update --pot it says
> there were no messages found to be included into pot...
> What exactly is wrong?
> A bit similar problem is with some other packages, namely bug-buddy,
> where locally it says i have everything translated ok, but in web
> statistics it says I missed a string...

You most likely have a too old version of intltool on your computer.

You should almost always use the latest version of intltool if you
refresh your translations from cvs yourself using intltool, since
otherwise you most likely won't get all available messages, or broken
ones. The latest version of intltool at the moment is 0.25.


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