Re: [Sodipodi-list] Upcoming sodipodi 0.29 release

sön 2003-01-19 klockan 02.36 skrev jose antonio s.a.:
> 	I've  translate sodipodi to spanish, i've serious problems with 
> shortcuts:
>         English       Spanish
>        "_Open"        "Abrir"
>        "_Quit"        "Salir"
> My idea:
>        "_Open"        "Abrir Ctrl-_O"
>        "_Quit"        "Salir Ctrl-_Q"

Why would you want to do this?

> Another idea:
>        "_Open"        "_Abrir "
>        "_Quit"        "_Salir"
> 	then you have differen shortcuts  

Yes, but perhaps shortcuts that are actually memorable and usable in
your language; shortcuts that fit with the actual terminology that's
used in the interface. You should perhaps have a look at what access
keys other localized applications use for these entries, both in GNOME
and on environments like MacOS and Windows localized into your language,
and see if you can use the same access keys if they look reasonable.

Are you subscibed to We've discussed this some
times in the past. I've written up my opinion on this topic on some of
these occasions:


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