Re: More broken links

mån 2003-02-24 klockan 05.24 skrev Malcolm Tredinnick:
> > > These two link also aren't working in this link:
> > >
> > > 
> > > 1. How to add gettext support using automake/autoconf
> > > 2. Internationalization of Gtk+/GNOME Programs
> > 
> > More GTP website love needed. Thanks.
> Blowing my own trumpet a bit, but or both of these links could be
> replace with the document I wrote a while back. See
> gnome-devel-docs/tutorials/i18n/C in GNOME CVS.  Currently that document
> is not available from anywhere except CVS, since I have no website, so
> putting it on the d.g.o. website may not be insane.

"May not be insane" is a severe understatement. :-)
People keep asking about exactly this type of documentation, not being
aware that it already exists because it's not linked from anywhere, and
that kind of sucks. Even more so as there is no easy link to give them.

Any help with bringing this document online in a HTML version on would be very much appreciated. This was last
mentioned in , but unfortunately not much has happened since then. I've logged a bug report for it now:


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