gcalctool errors


Has anyone discussed with the gcalctool maintainer the error messages
from mp.c? E.g.

  #: gcalctool/mp.c:181
  msgid ""
  "*** SIGN NOT 0, +1 OR -1 IN MPADD2 CALL.\n"
  msgstr ""

  #: gcalctool/mp.c:457
  msgid "*** N .LE. 1 IN CALL TO MPART1 ***\n"
  msgstr ""

  #: gcalctool/mp.c:564
  msgid "*** ABS(X) .GT. 1 IN CALL TO MPASIN ***\n"
  msgstr ""

It looks like old Fortran error messages to me, and not really suited
for user messages. I'm definitely going to skip them for now, but if
noone has contacted the maintainer, I will file a bug so they can be
fixed in the future.

Ole Laursen

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