Re: New module: gthumb

On Fri, 1 Nov 2002, Karl Eichwalder wrote:

> Christian Rose <> writes:
> > I noticed though that "gthumb" is still present in the TP.
> For what's worth just yesterday I asked Paolo whether he wants me to
> update gthumb's .pot file and he said yes.

hmmm, if gthumb cvs is outside gnome cvs, it's OK to use TP & get it 

but if it's live on gnome cvs, i dont see the need of using TP when 
translator can easily commit it.

base on this
there are only 2 person who use TP to translate gthumb.
1 swedish guy & me.

I'm personaly OK with gnome cvs.
if the sweedish guy is OK, lets just use the gnome cvs.
menthos, go and handle it :)

anyway, gthumb is gnome apps, require UI consistency between other gnome 

> > Could you ask him to remove it from there, so that duplicate efforts
> > can be avoided?
> Please, clarify the issue.

Hasbullah Bin Pit (sebol)
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