Re: [Fwd: Re: Message freeze in practice?]

χ πΤΞ, 24.05.2002, Χ 01:09, Christian Rose ΞΑΠΙΣΑΜ:
> tor 2002-05-23 klockan 20.17 skrev jacob berkman:
> > On Thu, 2002-05-23 at 01:39, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> > > Folks, it sounds like we're not doing a very good job of having the
> > > strings frozen.  What's going on here?
> > 
> > the string freeze was done too early - we are still changing code too
> > much in fixing bugs.
> The first string freeze was February 18th. People then complained about
> it being too early, and that freeze was then lifted two and a half weeks
> later.
> The second string freeze was May 8th, more than two and a half months
> after the first one. And people claim that it's still too early?
Unfortunately there is no String Freeze in Revised Shedule at May 8th.
It was announced in maillists but was not on web site. May be some
developers don't know about official string freeze.
> > eg, this week i had to remove the custom bell part of keyboard
> > properties, since it was never implemented.  there was a label that
> > described all the functionality, so i had to change it to remove the
> > part about the custom bell.
> Of course bugs should be fixed, but bugs that affect user-visible
> strings should use the "string" keyword and brought to the mighty
> release team's attention before they are fixed (*).
> If they affect translatable strings, please also notify
> after you got the approval from the release team
> and changed the strings in cvs. That way, translators immediately know
> when and what to update. This is not happening right now, it seems. At
> least not for the majority of string changes that are happening in cvs.
And such changes happens "last night (hour, minute)" before release :)

> The result is that translators are still chasing a moving target and
> being continously left one step behind, never being able to complete
> GNOME2 translations, which makes the string freeze rather pointless.
After following
> > the string freeze was done too early - we are still changing code too
> > much in fixing bugs.
	I thought string freeze is break.
What is position of Release Team about string freeze and its possible
another breakage?


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