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Here is the mail from Previous Telugu maintainer.

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Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 21:01:52 +0530
From: "Rajesh" <akkinenirajesh@yahoo.com>
To: <karunakar@freedomink.org>
Subject: Re: telugu translations for GNOME

i have mailed webmaster of GTP to delete me as a team leader.
presently i dont have much time to contribute to GTP. Any one like u
take care of this now.
sorry for my mail address.
but i would like to be informed of the developments.
if any of u guys start's any mailing list keep me informed.

thank your,
Akkineni Rajesh

> Hi,
>   I came through the GTP page , mailed to ur address given there
>   (but it
bounced), so got this mail id from mailing list archives. I would like
know whats the current status of translations & what
encoding/font/tools are
you using. I am asking this because there have been more people who
willing to contribute, so if we can know the current status, then we
proceed without redoing things. Also it would be good if we can work
group (have mailing list & site for updates etc).
> Regards,
> Karunakar

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