Re: Red Hat gnome 2 translations

ons 2002-07-24 klockan 04.42 skrev Havoc Pennington:
>  - control-center will have some patches to support metacity, 
>    and font stuff, including string changes; probably
>    these po files will land in gnome CVS for fixup
>    (in a special module such as redhat-po-files perhaps, 

You could always use a directory "redhat-po" in the "gnome-i18n" module.
That would save the cvsmasters yet another module. :)

>    or maybe we should create a control-center branch?)

If only gnome-control-center is to be patched, that may perhaps be the
better option, since then also bugs (missing files in,
strings not marked for translation) can be more easily fixed.


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