Re: intltool and gnome-core breakage

Well a lot of translators would be unhappy about that. The reason is the
following. You can make Glade generate a .h file for you, that contains
the translation strings. People did this, but 99% or the times forgot to
check in the new .h file. This fucked up translations big time, so I
decided to just to the glade ,h file generation in intltool (at the time
xml-i18n-tools) and this worked pretty well. What is, does it contain something different from


ons, 2002-01-16 kl. 19:28 skrev Darin Adler:
> On 1/16/02 10:19 AM, "Glynn Foster" <> wrote:
> > On Wed, 2002-01-16 at 17:54, Darin Adler wrote:
> >> Please tell me about the oddities, and I will sort them out. As I understand
> >> it, is a generated file that should not be checked
> >> into cvs, nor listed in, nor included in any tarball.
> > 
> > I was just copying what had been done before, as
> > and others are already in gnome-core CVS. I only put them into
> > because I saw strings in them [in reality I have no clue
> > about the i18n stuff]. I'll try and remove them from my local source and
> > see what happens.
> OK. I looked into this further, and I guess I'm getting in over my head. It
> looks like was generated by glade and was supposed to
> be checked into cvs.
> So we have a conflict between glade's own scheme for localizing strings in
> its files and the intltool support for glade. I have no idea how to resolve
> this. I'd be happy to remove the intltool support for glade -- I didn't add
> it and I've never used it. But we'll have to find someone who understands
> this to resolve the problem.
>     -- Darin
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