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Forgot to mention….. this is GnomeICU we’re talking about ;)


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Monday, February 18, 2002 4:14 PM
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Hey all,


At long last, the three primary coders have decided that we’re ready to make a release.  The version will be 0.98.1, and will contain many many new features (since 0.98).  What do we need from you?  If you have something you MUST have before this release (in other words, something’s horribly broken), speak up now.  Also, translators, please take this opportunity to slap some new translations in if you so desire.  The next release (0.98.2) will contain a ton of differences, as we’ve got XML user info storage, fixed history databases, file xfer and chat code, and maybe even groups support on the list for that release.


If you have anything to say before the release, please speak up now, or hold your peace til afterward ;)




Jeremy Wise

GnomeICU Author

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