re: difficulties with Gnome Translation

mån 2002-04-29 klockan 10.52 skrev Stanislav Visnovsky:
> > (*) Currently this isn't the case because for example the unstable
> > status pages don't just list the core GNOME 2.0 modules but also a lot
> > of non-core and non-gnome modules, but that's just a bug. I think we
> > need a seperate stable/extra and unstable/extra report. I'd really
> > appreciate Carlos' opinions on this.
> BTW, the unstable report page makes me nervous. I can't get 100%
> complete translation, simply because of adding new modules and
> strings. :-((((
> Anyway, will be there a message freeze before GNOME 2? It was lifted some
> time ago...
> This is another issue, where KDE greatly respects the translators. I'm
> pretty happy when I've got a week to update the translation for a GNOME
> module.  In KDE, there are weeks of message freeze, see
> Again, a policy should be introduced for core modules only (we need the
> list), but it needs to be there. The dot.plan should clearly state the
> the message freeze. And the translators should get a clear
> information, what is the last day for commits of new translations.

We will have this when we have a new message freeze for GNOME 2.0 (as
you said, the previous one was lifted). So don't worry, Kjartan has
promised that we will get plenty of time (at least more than a week) to
finish up GNOME 2.0 translations when there is a message freeze again,
and it will be clearly announced here and on dotplan. It's just that no
such new message freeze date has been decided upon yet.
Kjartan, please correct me if I'm wrong.


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