Re: Module list for 1.4.1

Hi Kjartan!

On Fri, 2002-04-26 at 02:19, Kjartan Maraas wrote:
> Here's a snippet some of you might find helpful.
> <kmaraas> gal-evolution-1-0-branch
> <kmaraas> galeon-1-2
> <kmaraas> gconf-1-0
> <kmaraas> gdm-2-2
> <kmaraas> gnome-1-4-branch (gedit)
> <kmaraas> ggv-1-0
> <kmaraas> ghex-1-2
> <kmaraas> gimp-1-2
> <kmaraas> glib-1-2
> <kmaraas> gtk-1-2
> <kmaraas> gnome-1-4-branch (gnome-control-center)
> <kmaraas> gnome-1-x-branch (gnome-db, libgda)
> <kmaraas> gnome-games-1-4
> <kmaraas> gnome-media-1-0
> <kmaraas> gnome-1-4-branch (gnome-print)
> <kmaraas> gnome-utils-1-4
> <kmaraas> gnome-vfs-1
> <kmaraas> gnome_1_4 (gnumeric)
> <kmaraas> gtkhtml-1-0-branch
> <kmaraas> LIBGTOP_STABLE_1_0
> <kmaraas> librsvg-1-0
> <kmaraas> gnome-1-4-branch (metatheme)
> <kmaraas> nautilus-gnome-1
> <kmaraas> procman-1-0
> <kmaraas> xscreensaver-i18n branch
> The only problem is that there's no guarantee that any of the modules
> outside of the four I "control" are going to have new releases before
> 1.4.1. So if you want to get new translations into stuff beside
> gnome-libs, gnome-core, gnome-applets and control-center, you have to
> start lobbying :)

Thanks for the list. But first of all, we need a fully functional status
page. The current one is nice, but it lacks some modules.
Anyway, thx for the work, carlos!


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