Re: Help: No translated messages after Nautilus installation


On Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 08:16:53PM -0600, Dinesh Nadarajah wrote:

> The locale is [ta] and I don't think is supported before this. I did use it 
> without any problem with gmc (before Nau 1.0 install). I can no longer use 

Very strange that you could use it previously, this error:

> > > I get messages such as "locale not supported by C library".

means the locale definition is missing at the C library level.

Anyway, maybe you can install a Tamil C locale; do a search on google,
there is an rpm package done for RedHat 7.0 for Tamil locale (in TSCII).
Ki a vos vye bn,
Pablo Saratxaga		PGP Key available, key ID: 0x8F0E4975

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