Nautilus translations

Hi translators,

As I have indicated in the past, we will be having a Nautilus 1.0.1
release before the end of this month which will contain localization
updates only.  This release will be made off of the stable branches.

We are now reopening the stable branches of Nautilus and a couple of its
dependencies for translation work only.  For a fully localized Nautilus
experience, the following four packages should be localized:

	Package		Stable Branch Name
	-------		------------------
	Nautilus	nautilus-1
	gnome-vfs	gnome-vfs-1-0
	ammonite	ammonite-0-9-0

	Package		Place in CVS
	-------		------------------
	scrollkeeper	gnome-i18n/extra-po/scrollkeeper/scrollkeeper.pot

Translators should feel free to directly commit translations in the po/
directory of these modules and the help/ directory of Nautilus.  

As usual, please watch to
make sure your commit does not break the build.

If there are any very important localization related changes which you
feel should be made outside of these directories, please enter a bug into for the "Internationalization (i18n)" component
and do not commit the change.

The HEAD branches of these modules are, of course, open for translation

Thanks for your help,


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