GNOME documents for translation

I am starting to keep a list of documents which are considered completely
finished and ready for release by GDP contributors.  I will periodically
post my list to this mailing list so that translators will have a better
idea of which documents they can safely translate without worrying about
the document experiencing a lot of revision during or after the
translation.  Note that docs which I refer to as "done" are done with
regard to a particular release, but will typically be revised at some
point after the release.

I will list the GDP contact person for each module, whom you may contact
if you have questions or need help getting your translated document into
CVS and integrated.

So, documents which are "done" for the GNOME 1.4 release are:

gnome-docs: Alexander Kirillov <>
	(Note we will be moving these documents to a new module
	 in the future.)

gnome-utils: John Fleck <>

ghex: John Fleck <>
		(es, ja, sv already exist and are being updated)

dia: Kevin Breit <>


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