Re: I need help for glade2

> Hello guys,
> I need some help regarding translations in glade2, the thing is that it
> depends on the unstable gtk+ for now so it might be a bit time consuming
> to build it.
> The problems i am having are :
> - Translations simply do not work. I tried copying eveything from other
> projects added test strings and i can't make them work
> - The /intl directory is not beeing generated. Again, i tried to have
> everything as the glade module without success
> - /po/ is not beeing generated.

Chema, reinstall the gettext again (--force). This problem has been
quite a bit of time
and I don't understand why this is still there. It seems that the global
share dir is being overwritten by package installation (I don't know
with package).
Reinstalling the gettext certainly helps. Or, copy the intl/ dir from a 
GOOD package into the /usr/share/gettext/ dir (consider changing it to
system's way).

> I tried looking into this problems and learn about gettext in the
> process. Can anyone help me out ? 
> thanks,
> Chema



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