GnomerMind 1.0pre1 out - needs translation

Hi! :)
    GnomerMind 1.0-pre1 is out, and very near to become stable.
    GnomerMind is a nice "clone" of MasterMind, even if the word clone isn't
appropriate; infact, it has many features added, and the possibility to
configure just all the rules... Moreover, it's graphically very nice, with
theme support and a lightweight pixmap "engine" for the interface. You can
get a full feature list on the website,
    Its been translated in ten languages, up to now: italian, russian,
turkish, portuguese standard, spanish, german, dutch, swedish, slovak and
french; I wonder if someone else could please translate it. Being a game,
the potfile isn't too big, and being a prerelease, this should quite be the
definitive one.
    Thanks in advance,
        Mano :)

PS: it makes use of xml-i18n-tools, so there aren't .desktop files to
translate - just the potfile.

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Subject: Request for translation

| Hi,
|     I'm the author of Gnomermind, a nice (well... I hope) puzzle game for
| GNOME. Now the project is taking shape, and I'd like to get it translated.
| May anyone help me? There isn't so much to write, since this is a game...
| just a short po file and the .desktop file, that are in attachment to this
| mail. It has yet been translated in italian and russian, and I'd need...
| well, all the others! If you want to take a look to it, you can find it at
| I'm developing 0.5.9 now, and the attached .po refers to that one, so it's
| little bit different in comparison to the one you can find in that
|     Thanx in advance,
|         mano :)
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| GnomerMind - an intriguing puzzle
|              game for your GNOME!
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