Re: Red Carpet translations

Seems the translations were included in the Red Carpet release, but
nobody took the time to verify that Red Carpet actually works with

*Sigh*... probably yet another reason to add to my list of "why Red
Carpet should really be in GNOME cvs".


Christian Rose wrote:
> Red Carpet 1.0 is released, but there's no sign of the Swedish
> translation in it.
> :~(
> Christian
> Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:
> > Howdy..  thank you to all who have worked on the red carpet
> > translations so far -- we will make sure we have all the updated
> > translations in the next release.  I'm sorry that it took us a while
> > to get up to speed regarding i18n work and where to look for/put files
> > and the like. :-)

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