Re: gtranslator rpms


On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Fatih Demir wrote:

> All RH-based distro. or RH users who couldn't build/didn't want to build
>  gtranslator from sources can now try gtranslator as RPM:
> It's available from also as SRPMs (
>  the webpage is updated also btw).
> Thanks for Mike Newman doing the RPM.

You need *lots* of upgrades and additional packages in order to install
gtranslator to RH 7.0.

IMHO you better give a few hints at so that
dummy users would be able to find where they'll find such upgrades.

One more thing, man and doc directives in gtranslator RPM point to wrong
directories. I'm not sure if Mike is reading this, but I'd advise using
mandir and docdir tags (quick & easy soln).

#ifdef __There's_more_than_one_way_to_do_that(tm)__
I'll try pozilla  .. ughm..  but hey - 
I don't have mutt installed it's supposed to use!  :-(


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