Re: Subversion migration in progress: CVS is now read-only

On ส., 2006-07-15 at 17:31 +0200, Hans Breuer wrote:
> On 15.07.2006 02:07, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > Good morning, freedom lovers!
> > 
> > The migration from CVS to Subversion has begun. As of 00:00 UTC, CVS is read
> > only, and modules are being imported into the new Subversion repository. For
> > more information about the Subversion migration, please read:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > You can track modules during migration at...
> > 
> While tracking progress with an svn client I noticed the following 
> problem: 	svn:eol-style = native
> is not set anymore, at least not on glib.
> With my test checkout of dia from February it worked as expected, that
> system native line endings where preserved as they were in cvs.
> Is this a matter of a conversion script change or will there be an extra
> step following to make checkout from non-unix sueable again?

We had to stop cvs2svn from guessing the 'svn:eol-style' using it's own
algorithm, as it was getting a lot of false positives. Particularly, it
was corrupting binary files (e.g. PNGs/WAVs). Unfortunately, we only
noticed this 8-9 hours after we'd started the migration, so we had to
restart the migration again using cvs2svn's '--no-default-eol-style'
option. Unfortunately, it seems to have had the knock-on effect you've

As this is the second problem with the migration we've had since
cut-off, we've decided to cancel the migration for now pending some
further testing. With the exception of a couple of modules which had
already taken commits in subversion, I'll be re-enabling write access to
CVS shortly. I'll post a list of the modules that will remain in

I'm very sorry to all those disappointed and inconvenienced by this, and
for the confusion it has caused half-doing a migration. We will be doing
everything possible to ensure we can re-schedule this for completion as
soon as possible.


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