Re: Subversion on container

เมื่อ จ. 2005-06-20 เวลา 14:38 +0800, James Henstridge เขียนว่า:
> Do the scripts you are running convert CVS includes (from the
> CVSROOT/modules file) to the equivalent svn:external properties?  From
> what I can tell, the following current modules depend on virtual includes:
>     * evolution-data-server (includes libical)
>     * gdm2 (vicious-extensions)
>     * gnome-applets (libgswitchit)
>     * gnome-control-center (libsounds, libgswitchit, libkbdraw)
>     * gnome-utils (gdictsrc, gfloppy)
>     * nautilus (libbackground)
> (I've ignored all the modules including &macros or &intl, which is left
> over from gnome 1.x).
> To correctly migrate these sort of thing, there would need to be a
> revision in those modules for each relevant change to the
> CVSROOT/modules that alters the relevant directory and it's svn:external
> property, so that the correct code gets checked out when looking at history.

Yes, it is unfortunate that the 'cvs2svn' script doesn't make use of
svn:externals. I imagine it could be patched to, but it would probably
not be trivial, because CVSROOT/modules may have changed over time.

I can't think of a simple automatic way of adding these properties in
the right places, so, IMHO, we should just leave this to the maintainers
of the modules in question to decide how best to handle it.

For example, checking out 'gdm2' from subversion and trying to build it
results in a message saying:

**Error**: vicious-extensions not found, please do a clean checkout or
do: cvs -z3 get vicious-extensions

I guess one of the first things the gdm2 maintainer might consider after
the cut-off is updating such messages, and/or adding 'svn:externals'
properties where necessary.

Alternatively, perhaps they could construct and run a small script that
adds svn:externals properties to all the main historical tags/branches
and trunk.

Whatever they want to do, it's probably best to leave it to the module
maintainers to decide.


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