Re: Subversion migration.

On Thu, 2005-05-12 at 09:22 -0400, Morten Welinder wrote:
> Is there a problem we're trying to solve or is this just for the
> heck of it?

No specific problem that I can see. CVS works and we could use it for
the next century, but it's fairly dull and inflexible. I think the aim
is to allow the project to start to reap the benefits of the more
advanced VCS systems now available.

> (Yes, cvs has a million problems, but is someone actively being
> hindered in his/her work by cvs' failings?)

As a developer, just the fact that I can't do 'cvs diff' when offline is
a real PITA. Now I've seen how things could be, and all the other
projects I hack on use Subversion, I find it less appealing to start
working on a GNOME project if I find myself offline with a few hours to


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