Re: GOCollab, Peer-to-Peer collaborative document preperation.

<quote who="msevior physics unimelb edu au">

> about 6 weeks ago Jeff Waugh contacted me and asked if we'd thought about
> doing a collaboration feature. Dom, Marc, Jody and I put our heads
> together and I wrote up the document linked below. At the time I thought
> there was a chance we (well me mostly) could do this "underground" and
> surprise lots of people at GUADEC with this cool new feature.
> It's absolutely clear now that this will not be an underground effort so
> there is no point in being silent about it.

Joyed that you're running with it, guys. I will try to help in any way I can
(as always, offer can not humanely extend to embarrassing code-fu). :-)

Tidbit - already the hype wave is building - let's beat 'em to it:,2000061733,39192135,00.htm

- Jeff

GUADEC 2005: May 29th-31st                 
   "Everyone says they like Free Software - not everyone is ready to make
         the tough choices to make it happen." - Maciej Stachowiak

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