Please contribute.. [Gnomejournal] Next release: May, 23th]

Please contribute.  Outreach is an important part of the project
and while the infrastructure my now be "boring". Writing articles
is a good way to show GNOME is the premier DE environment to write
applications for.

Articles can be in straight text and there is no limit on the size
of the article (yet).

If you intend to write an article please contact Claus.


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I volunteered to organize the next release of the GNOME
Journal. IMHO, regular release scheldules are very important for
a successful journal. :)

So, I got great news: The next release of the GNOME journal is due
on May, 23th.

Articles are due one week earlier, that's the May, the 16th. Authors
willing to texify their articles themselves, should drop me a note
if they'll need one or two days more.

I know it's short, and it's just before GUADEC. But if anyone here
thought of writing something, has an half-finished article on his
hard-disk, or knows somebody who has, please let me know.

For questions, You can catch me in the GNOME Journal IRC channel,
respond here on the list, or simply sent me a mail.

Thanks in advance for every helping hand. I think I'll need them. :)


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Gnomejournal legato ics purdue edu

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