Relocation of gnome servers [OUTAGE]

Currently the servers are located at the Red Hat headquarters
in North Carolina. Red Hat's IT department is currently in the
process of moving all public facing servers to collocation; this
includes community servers such as the

The current plan is to move the servers starting on Tuesday 
June 28... the basic timeline is:

 - Tuesday, June 28: take down servers, box them and ship
   them overnight to the collocation facility in Phoenix, AZ
 - Wednesday, June 29: mgalgoci will be onsite, hopefully have
   servers up by the evening.
 - Thursday, June 30: finish setting servers back up if not
   completed on the 29th.

We apologize for this outage.

The GNOME sysadmin team is looking into what temporary services we
can provide during the outage, but due to the complexity of 
data migration that would be involved, you should assume that
CVS, bugzilla, and mailing lists will be down for the duration
of the outage. 

So, make plans for working on stuff offline during the period.
(In other words, we want to see really cool patches on July 1 :-)

Thanks for your understanding,

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