Re: Change servers timezone to UTC (was: Bugzilla will be DOWN Sat 9 April 17.00-20.00 UTC)

On ศ., 2005-04-08 at 12:41 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-04-08 at 11:15 +0000, DANIELLLANO wrote:
> > Now that you are doing this big change, it's the time to change this
> > servers and others timezone to UTC (you know not every gnome developer
> > or user lives in US East Coast)
> * Changing the server's localtime to UTC is somewhere on the sysadmin
>   teams TODO list.

Yep. It needs to be done, but we're not ready to do it just yet. I've
set up a wiki page, so we can plan it a little more thoroughly. I was
afraid this thread ended in April and nothing more would get done.

> * It takes some work because all cron jobs have to be adjusted
>   to run at appropriate low-load times.
> * It is *not* a high priority item, because, while converting to your
>   local timezone from UTC might be a little easier than converting from
>   EDT 

The above still holds true :)


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