Bugzilla changes

As many people have noticed, the recent crack of widget gave us an
opportunity to upgrade bugzilla. There are a couple of important
semantic changes.

* There are two new fields, "GNOME Version" and "GNOME Milestone".

GNOME Version is to keep track of what GNOME Version a bug was reported
in, and is mainly so we can do cross-bugzilla queries for modules that
don't follow GNOME versioning. It replaces the GNOMEVER* keywords. Bugs
from bug-buddy will have this filled in automagically. Enhancements are
excluded from this versioning scheme, because they are unlikely to
change between versions unless explicitly acted upon, so there is a
"Unversioned Enhancement" value for this.

GNOME Milestone is only meant to be set by the bugsquad for bugs we
think may be release showstoppers. It replaces the TARGET* keywords.

* You can set statuses on patches.

Attachments now have attachment statuses - if you haven't looked at the
attachment editing interface, it's worth looking at because it's well
cool. Anyway, all attachments can have the statuses "needs-work" or
"maintainer-ok" set. Maintainers should set one of these when they
review a patch, lest the bugsquad nag you about not reviewing patches.

In the long-term, the PATCH keyword will go away since we'll have all
the information in attachment statuses in a richer form.

[[ We are working on making a page that makes it easier to query for
unreviewed patches using this new method - at current, the query is for
patch attachments without maintainer-ok or needs-work or obsolete
set. ]]

[[ There is also an "obsolete" checkbox. This is basically because if
someone submits an updated patch, they can choose certain patches that
it replaces and they become obsolete. Or if a patch is against too old a
version of the software, for example, you could tick obsolete. ]]

OK, so that's it. If there are issues with the new bugzilla, please
check the "bugzilla.gnome.org" product and file them there if they're
not already reported.


Andrew Sobala <aes gnome org>

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