How to make gnome-i18n happy when releasing

Dear module maintainers,

This doesn't apply as much to the core desktop modules since they tend
to release at predictable times, but just a reminder for everyone
else: when you do a release of a module that is handled by the
translators on gnome-i18n, please try to announce it a couple of days
before on gnome-i18n.

This gives the translators a chance to update their translations. If
you change or add strings without doing this, your program *will* look
arse in all other than the English locales. And it will keep looking
bad *forever* (although probably not in the same places).

Perhaps most importantly, warning us translators show that you care
about what is probably the largest group of contributors to your

Some people are very good at warning gnome-i18n, some people just seem
to forget it sometimes, and others never seem to do it.

Ole Laursen

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