bug day 2004/03/04- 'bug day had a birthday too'


In all my self-centered-ness over my own birthday last week, I missed
another birthday- it's been a touch over two years since the first gnome
bug day. We're still plugging away, helping gnome developers organize,
communicate, and generally write better software, every week on

What is this thing you call 'bug day'?

Bug day is a day we get together on IRC, find bugs, and clean bugzilla.
We do all of this so that developers can get more work done by focusing
on bugs that matter instead of duplicates, unconfirmable bugs, and
things that they've already closed.

Why is bug day useful?

Bug day is useful on any number of levels. On the most obvious one, we
clean out bugzilla. On less obvious ones, we have fun, we help
developers do their jobs, and we help usability, accessibility, and l10n
teams do their work as well.

What is the focus this week?

We're only a few weeks from release- it's time to comb new bugs with a
fine-toothed comb, making sure that they aren't showstoppers for our
release and that they are dealt with well. So, we'll look at the 2.5 and
2.4 bugs filed in the last two weeks, with an aim towards triaging them


Who can help at a bug day?

Virtually anyone. Bug day can be for the very timid, the very quiet,
or the very persistent.

You do need:
* decent ability to read English 
* a user-level knowledge of GNOME
* 30 or so minutes of the day (the first time, after that you can do it
in very small chunks.)
* decent common sense :)

You don't need:
* any programming ability
* any prior experience with QA
* a deep understanding of GNOME. 

On the other hand, if you do have programming ability, it's also a great
way to get involved- after a few bug days, you can figure out what needs
help in gnome quickly and apply your talents there.

So when is this 'bug day'?

8:30AM EST to 8:30PMEST on Thursday- that's 13:30UTC->01:30UTC.


Join us in #bugs on irc.gnome.org during that time, and we'll chill and
share the bugzilla love.

I have more questions

The FAQ is here:


See you all tomorrow-

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