Re: GtkGLExt (OpenGL option for GTK+) in GNOME CVS?

2004/01/30 (金) 04:00 に Christian Rose さんは書きました:
> ons 2004-01-28 klockan 17.14 skrev Naofumi Yasufuku:
> > So I would like to move GtkGLExt (gtkglextmm, and PyGtkGLExt) CVS
> > repository from to GNOME CVS.
> > 
> > What do you think?
> IMHO it sounds like a perfectly reasonable request, although I don't
> know the opinion of others.
> For the technical account request and details, please follow the
> instructions on

I am wondering if I could import GtkGLExt and its language bindings into

If other GNOME hackers agree on that, I'll send a request to
accounts gnome org to obtain CVS account, and start on that work.


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