Re: Autocompletion

On Sat, Oct 05, 2002 at 08:48:52PM +0200, Ricardo Fern?ndez Pascual wrote:
> I have decided to take Galeon's autocompletion classes, clean them up a
> bit and post them here. I'm looking for a sponsor to add this to LibEgg,
> if there is interest.

Without looking at the code I've got 2 off the cuff comments based
on the mechanism that we're using in gnumeric that was used as a
precursor to the code in evolution.

1) It would be a big help to keep the match generation mechanism
   distinct from the display widget.  I need to be able to do
   completion in a canvas item.  Have a look in
   for details

2) If memory serves, Jon Trowbridge did alot of work to support
   different types of completion for email addresses in evolution.
   I'd like to get his thoughts on this.

Now its off to read the code.

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