Re: Enter the build sheriff: Jacob.

On Thu, 2002-03-14 at 05:26, Alan Cox wrote:
> > >   I did not update the HACKING file. I want to retain controle of
> > > my module. I want to receive a message with explanations before something
> > > get changed in my module.
> > 
> > Always great to see a team player. That's why GNOME's so great, unlike
> > silly corporate beauracracies, everyone in GNOME is trying to do what's
> > best for GNOME rather than optimizing their own little module at the
> > expense of the desktop as a whole. Go GNOME!
> Could have fooled me. If we had ACL's Seth would be read only in every
> piece of code I owned by now.
> My code also has a HACKING file. No sherrifs. It's staying that way because
> I don't trust the UI devel people, and because I have other considerations
> than Gnome 2. 

er. Not really sure how UI got into this. UI has nothing to do with
Jacob fixing build breakage.


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