Re: What about a GtkGlCanvas widget ? (Re: ANNOUNCE: GtkGLExt 0.3.0)

3d graphics features like you described do not belong
to a GUI toolkit.  There are several high-level 3D
graphics frameworks like OpenInventor that provide
what you suggested.  It is just a matter of rednering
their output to a gtk widget.  OpenInventor from SGI
is now LGPLed.

--- Martin Quinson <Martin Quinson tuxfamily org>
> Hello, I've been playing a bit with gtkgkext, and I
> like it very much.
> Still, I think it's too low level (as GL is). I
> dream of a GtkGlCanvas
> widget a generic engine to draw structured graphics
> in GL like the gnome one
> for 2D. 

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