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Last year I got the confirmation just 7 days before the conference! That
made things very difficult to get organized and therefore, I was unable
to go for the conference. I think we should not repeat the same thing
this year too. GUADEC is not a small conference confined to a small
locality, in which announcing the notice one or two days before would
suffice. People need time to book the hotels and flights as there are
people coming from far away places and they can't do it until they are
sure that they would be going.

I understand that there is financial constrain this year because of
which sponsoring developers around the globe will not be as much fun as
it used to be before, but I do believe a definite 'yes' or 'no' to them
would greatly ease the tension in their minds.

Lastly, I am looking for partners to book a multi-bedded hotel room or
an apartment. If anyone of you is going to book for such a room and is
looking for someone to fill in the gaps, then I would like to jump in.
This definitely has to be cheap one, because I can't afford costly ones.


Fast, cheap, good: pick two.

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