Re: User interface suggestion for panels

On Wed, 2002-02-27 at 17:02, William McVey wrote:
> 4.  The Dock ignores Fitts's Law  
> (Fitt's law is described at 
> Even when the panel has been configured to:
>     -	not have hide buttons,
>     -	to make the buttons flush with the panel edge, and
>     -	to have 0 padding between the applets and the panel border
> there still seems to be a 1 or 2 pixel gap between the very far
> edge of the screen and the buttons within a panel.  This is apparent
> when you "throw the mouse to the corner", and even though it might
> look as if the you're on a launcher, the mouse is actually in a
> no-mans land (perhaps it's the beveled edge that is insensitive?).
> It would seem that making this area active to button presses
> would speed things up quite a bit (this is covered in detail at

This is either bug 50163 or 72796; it's possible that those are actually
duplicates of each other, and 50163 should probably either be closed
(the menus now comply with Fitt's law, but the rest of the panel does
not) or re-assigned to the gnome-panel product and marked GNOME2. I'll
leave all of that to someone on this list to decide/deal with for the
time being; please let me know if there is a problem or question.
Luis [who definitely agrees this is a bug :)

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