Re: easy-fix keywords in bugzilla

It's true. I just looked in my email history, and even though I can barely
remember it, I added the "easy-fix" keyword. The idea was to help call out a
set of bugs that should be looked at even if they weren't top priority.

My apologies if this is has been misused -- it's funny to think about all
the people who have bugs that they want to mark "easy-fix". I was hoping
that this would be used for bugs like "remove that button" or "fix that
error message".

Sadly, I haven't been able to get "on top of" the bugs since we moved
Nautilus bugs to the Gnome Bugzilla. I can't use the bug database
effectively yet to keep track of what needs work in Nautilus and I'm not
sure why.

    -- Darin

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